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 Things to do in Aomen?
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Things to do in Aomen   

This is a great place to pick up bits and pieces such as extra digital camera batteries or memory cards, blank CDs and DVDs, USB memory sticks as well as bigger items such as printers, cell phones, etc. I might avoid the temptation of buying anything too big-ticket (e.g. iPods or computers). If you don't live in Shanghai, and you have trouble with the item, you won't be able to bring it back.

2.Weekly Friday Muslim Street Market

This is an interesting place to see some non-Han Chinese culture. Check ot the different offerings, sample some street food and even have a wander around the mosque. Most of the vendors come from Xinjiang Province and their cuisine is very different from eastern China. Folks are friendly but don't speak a lot of Mandarin - hand signals and smiles are useful. Ask before taking photos.

3.Flower, Bird, Fish and Insect Market

Unless you're in the market for fighting crickets or grubs to feed your birdies, this is more of a gawk-stop than a real shopping trip. It's worth the trip for the weird and unusual and you'll get some great photos.

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